A text from my Dad popped up on my iPhone, and it read....

"Hey Squirrel.....Buzz Casey is booking this new band Greta Van Fleet for a show in TN.....Check em' out.....sound like the good ol' days of rock'n'roll!"

I clicked onto the link attached to investigate. It was the official music video for "Highway Tune". The comments below all proclaimed what I was thinking; this might be the reincarnation of Led Zeppelin in the form of 4 teenage boys.

Well, I was partially wrong. The band is lead by 4 old souls in the corporal form of bass player Sam Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner that make up the newly graduated and underaged half of the band, while twins Jacob and Josh Kiszka take care of guitar and vocals, respectively.

Coming from a small town in Michigan, playing in the creek and creating golden age inspired rock out of their garage, the boys stick to their roots. Even though they have been signed to Capital Records and played multiple Inter/National tours int over the course of the last six months, they keep their cool. A big part of this has to do with the amazing Tour Management accompanying them, the  rest has to do with the boys grounded characters. 


Sam Kiszka featured above, delightfully showing off his Bebe-Gun&  impression of Daniel Boone 


Day of show, having close to 20 vendors/sponsors and 1,000 tickets or so pre-saled, a little overcast weather wasn't much to be afraid of. With all the hype, multiple opening acts, and late show time, things were locked in.


The man with a plan, pictured above on the far left; Buzz Casey, radio personality and longtime Plauché family friend, found GVF with some digging and by some divine intuition decided to book them through on their tour at O'Connors. 


Through the fire & rain, GVF gave a riveting performance. Pre-album release, they performed fan favorites like "Highway Tune" and  "Safari Song" along with some golden-era rock'n'roll covers.


By the end of the night, people were still funneling in to see the boys. A couple lucky people got to meet the band and take pictures, and I had the privilege of working around a professional group of talented artists and producers. With a sold out show (and US tour) at Chicago's own Lincoln Hall Nov. 30th, I can't wait to see what's in store for the future of Greta Van Fleet, as they handle every challenge with grace and true craftsmanship (something that need's come back in popular fashion).