FLASH presented by FEEDS

Presented by FEEDS, this digital zine examines how music is experienced and circulated through a mediatized gaze. 

To test our undeniably technological condition, we attended multiple live music events throughout the year with a cellphone camera & film camera, then just a film camera, and eventually committed to taking no pictures.

In earlier days, where cellphones hadn't been a concept, live music gave the public an opportunity to socialize and connect with others in the music community. Today some of that solidarity is present but lost in the glow of screens and pitter patter of thumbs on tempered glass. Being without ones mobile device opens up a world of social and spacial anxieties. It's hard to ignore that technology has drastically shaped the ways in which we navigate public spaces, especially venues.

At the end of the day, technology in live music spaces is neither good nor bad, but it does play into our mental and physical conceptions of live music events in relation to our identities, images, and social lives.



Design + Words by SAM HUDOCK

Photography + Creative Direction by KAYLIE PLAUCHE