A Bittersweet Goodbye to Team Vocalo

As the semester comes to an end, I can't stress enough how happy I have been with my internship this semester. Working with such an insightful, dedicated, and progressive team has been an enriching experience. One project that I set out to complete while I served as an intern was to complete and interview with a Chicago artist that I admired and was interested in. In the past I have conducted interviews that didn't go so well. As a woman in the entertainment industry, sadly I have been met with misogyny and ageism. Speaking with Tobi Lou was a different experience. Our conversation played out positively, on equal footing, and overall there was an authentic relationship between interviewer and artist. This interview truly restored the confidence that I needed, in myself and for my outlook on artists across the board. Thank you to Tobi Lou and Vocalo for making this happen and helping me grow.