Beauty Advisory: Glossier Super Serums

Truthfully, my love affair with makeup and beauty products started when I was in 6th grade. There was never a more blissful moment in middle school for me than rooting through my mothers makeup drawer when she wasn't home, hoarding all her best products in my room, and trying them on for myself. I was most definitely was the only kid wearing purple eye shadow and liquid lipstick, but experimenting with makeup then has helped formed my routine now in some sense. 

If there's any beauty advice I've been given that has stuck with me over time, it was my mother's;

"Makeup should look natural, like you're not wearing any at all. It's there to enhance, not mask".

Which brings us to 2017's hottest online cosmetic company, Glossier. 


As a Glossier-virgin I was super set on ordering the products they're best known for being, The Boy Brow (which I ordered in Brown) and The Super Pack (which includes all 3 serums available). The lip gloss I added in on a whim and I can tell you right now, it's the best lip gloss I've used in all of my 20 years of life-Not too sticky, super hydrating, long-lasting, and comes in a cute little tube reminiscent of the Lip Smackers we all know and love from childhood. I never leave the house without a little swipe of it over some tinted balm. As for the concealer, I was delightfully surprised. It's stretchy and lightweight formula makes it perfect for a minimal make-up look, but one can easily layer it for a fuller face. The avocado and jojoba oil within its' formula keeps you looking dewy and radiant all day. Lastly, I was slightly disappointed with the boy brow. It's defiantly not a brow tint that I would use alone unless I'm running late and just need some sort of brow rehab, or I'm traveling lightly. For a thicker brow, it's best to back comb first and then comb regularly when using this product. 

As for the serums, I predicted that Super Bounce (Hyaluronic + Vitamin B5) would be my favorite. But at the root of it, they're all amazing serums and great substitutes for individuals who dislike heat moisturizers. Each serum performs a different duty for your skin when it's not as balanced or chipper as you would like it to be.

Super Bounce (Hyaluronic + Vitamin B5) gives the skin a good hydrating, plump. I typically only use it under heavy makeup to keep my skin soft and even for application. The serum itself is more of a gel like consistency, making it harder to dispense from the dropper (you may have to go back for seconds when applying). Ultimately, It's best for when you're feeling just a bit fried from tanning or chapped from the winter winds.

Super Glow (Vitamin C + Magnesium) is great for complexion evening and brightening. Just as Glossier's product description states, it's a a full 8 hours of sleep in a water-like drop of serum. I apply this only when I've washed my face, yet still look tired in the morning. It's basically like turning the brightness up on your phone, but for you skin.

Last but not least, Super Pure (Niacinamide/Vitamin B3 + Zinc) is perfect of those gals with redness and breakouts. Since using this product, my redness has diminished significantly. The serums itself is watery, like Super Glow, but more moisturizing. Out of all the serums in the Super Pack, this is the one I use everyday and would recommend the most.

In all, I definitely plan on ordering from Glossier again (unless I ever visit their beautiful showroom in NYC). Since my purchase, the company has rolled out a sunscreen, cremé blush, and mineral powder-All of which I NEED to try. What's your favorite Glossier product? or, if you haven't tried any, what is one product that you look forward to trying?