Having spent roughly the past two years as a freelance contractor specializing in box office operations and dabbling with artists hospitality, I have started as a marketing intern for the Chicago office.


Social media Content Curation

A large part of my role is content curation. Our aim to to foster buzz and positive brand association in our shareholders heads. One way this has been manifested is through homemade meme’s as ascii tweets the spark joy for social media scrollers. Below are several tweets that received high engagement.


New music Friday

As a production company full of people constantly waiting for the next good release, I started a weekly blog post for highlighting upcoming music releases from a variety of genres. New Music Friday’s not only showcased the latest tracks but drove traffic to our site from social sharing.


Music News

Another content driven effort was posting music news articles that were both timely and relevant. From the Grammy Awards to Fyre Festival’s Andy King becoming a reality star, I sought out fun and current topics to distribute on socials and drive traffic back to Reacts webpage.